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Finally ordered Nokia 6 after waiting for 6 months

From the last 6 months, I was willing to buy a good mid-range smartphone, but I was confused. I researched on many smartphones in the market and every smartphone had its unique property, which made me confused. I first thought of purchasing Redmi Note 4, but the news which stated that Redmi Note 4 blasted in a person's pant, totally changed my thought on Redmi phones, because this was the third Redmi Note 4 blast news.

Then I focused on Moto, Lenovo and Huawei phones, these phones are quite better in terms of price and specifications (something lacks sometimes). Some thoughts came in my mind which made me purchase Nokia 6. I thought that these all are Chinese companies and we all know how long a Chinese product lasts. Besides, the after-sales service of the phones is one of the most important issues while purchasing a phone. There are many videos on YouTube which are against of the after sales service of brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, and even Apple. I thought that I should purchase…
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